Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Here you'll see two boys who had NO idea why they needed to take a bath right after dinner. As Colby said "Its not even dark yet!"

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Heart Attack... (of the non-cardiologist type)

Every time one of my boys gets on these things, I panic and nearly have a heart attack!

Friday, April 20, 2012


You know how when you're walking through the store, and you see a stuffed animal. And you think, thats kinda cute, I wonder how Parker would like it. So I hand it to him, and he takes it gingerly in his arms and gives it the most tender heartfelt hug? And you melt into a pile of goo of the cuteness of it all, that you just HAVE to buy it?

Yes, I'm letting my 1 yr old manipulate me. Its fun!

Elmo is now his new best friend. He goes in the car, he goes in the crib, and he loves to cuddle while watching TV. He knows what Elmo says, too, "La la la!"

He's right too, check out the song!


We love the little red monster over here!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Song

Way back when we were re-starting the depressing journey of Trying to Conceive another baby, I posted this in my private only-read-by-me journal.

Dibs. There, its declared.

This song is my TTC(trying to conceive) song:

I mean, really, its perfect. It talks of heartbreaks along the way. Its hopeful. Its indicates that although I don't have you yet, SOMEDAY I will. And its saying to your unborn child, I promise you this, that I'll give much more than I get. I promise to be the best mommy I can. I love you and I really look forward to your arrival. Doesn't get much better than that!

It got to the point that every time I heard it on the radio (which was ALL THE TIME) I would pause and think of trying to get pregnant and the little baby I was going to have from it.

And then, after we did get pregnant, I still loved the song. I'd rub my little belly and tell my unborn child that I was so looking forward to meeting them.

And then the heart thing... thats when it really hit hard. Here's a blog entry about that:

Way back when I mentioned a trying-to-conceive theme song, "Just haven't met you yet" by Michael Buble. Its still my guy's song, everytime I hear it I give my belly a nice rub and tell him how much I love him. But next time I really should listen to the lyrics, especially this one "And I know someday that it'll all turn out, you'll make me work so we can work to work it out, and I promise you kid, I'll give you so much more than I get, I just haven't met you yet..." I think next time I'll pick one that keeps mentioning how easy this love is. I'll do anything for my guy, but wow has this been hard!

Well during the day I keep the radio on so it seems less like its just me and a bunch of little kids. His song came on and so I scooped him up, and starting twirling and dancing with him. He of course loves our impromptu dance parties, and he kept throwing his head back and laughing hysterically. I set him down and he continued to dance with me, and I realize how very lucky I am. How some stories truly do have happy endings. That this little one yr old with the big grin and monster socks that I love to put on him because he roars like a monster when he seems them? One of my favorite blessings ever.


This is how I feel right now.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Colby's school ...

Colby (for the most part) is sweet and decently well-behaved. He's often quiet, which comes across as a model student. Well, I think Colby showed his true colors to his teacher Sandy last week. He freaks out occasionally when something doesn't go his way. He is stubborn (no idea where he got that...) and is always right, no matter what. Ok I know where he got that one ;)
As they were playing and getting treats, Colby slid down the slide. Instead of moving so that the other children may go down as well, he stops and sits there eating his cookie. The kids are starting to pile up behind him, wanting to go down. So Sandy in her sweet wonderful voice says "Colby sweetie can you move so the other children can go down?"
Colby, my dear sweet little boy, freaks out on her. He refuses to move, shouting "I. AM. EATING. MY. COOKIE!!!!"
Right now I am nodding my head, because this is how it usually goes.
But after school he and I had a talk. We talked about how we don't do that at school, how we need to be nice and not yell at our teachers. He wrote an apology letter to Sandy, asked how to spell the words. Here's the outside...
And the inside:
Certain things crack me up about this letter. After he wrote the words, I told him to draw a nice picture next to it. Just so she knows you still love her and everything. What did he draw?
I had to chuckle so hard. I would be sad too if I was holding a bone next to a 'snack attack' (what???) and a stack of wood. I'm not sure if this should be considered a threat?
Oh the joys of mothering a 4 yr old!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nice weather

Yesterday's weather was so awesome! We went out and played, went on walks, and watched Daddy mow the lawn. How huge are these boys???


Something that struck me as really funny... a new boy came over to meet Colby. He lives a couple houses down and is looking for friends. So he came over on his bike and asked those three little words... "Can you play?" Colby gave me a really confused look and said "Yeah I can play... Super Mario Brothers and Mario Kart and Nintendo..." He doesn't have many friends in the neighborhood like that. I bet in two years from now I'm going to hear that phrase several times!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Ok first, has it really been a month since I've blogged? Oi. Its been so stressful, crazy and busy all at the same time. But I will put up Easter pics. :)

Parker loved the Easter egg hunts we did.
This cracked me up, he just slithered on his belly to grab an egg.
Parker is getting so big!
Colby took his searching very seriously, I only got a shot of his back and he was digging through his basket!
Parker was happy to find a big ball in his basket.
While Colbs was most excited with his new Leapster Game- Cars.
They got new Easter clothes too. How adorable are my boys???