Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New piano

We inherited a piano from Grandma Mitchell as she was getting rid of some things, and my boys are in heaven! Colby knows when Middle C is... he loves it because his name starts with C. He asked me when Middle P was for Parker!

Chubby little fingers as he tickles the ivories? Love them.

Parker is baaaaaarely tall enough to reach, if he stretches and stands on his tiptoes. Usually he just hollers until I put him in my lap.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Buddies

I'm not big into Thanksgiving, but since its "baby's first" and Colby's old enough to enjoy it, we had a little fun. I pulled together this turkey onesie for Parker real quick. (Old onesie+leftover felt from Halloween+glue gun). You can see how impressed Parker-bean is. And how much he's sick of another photo shoot.

Colby had Thanksgiving fun at pre-school and had this super cute Indian vest (he refused to put the feather back on his head.)

My cute little boys together. I'm loving the warm Thanksgiving weather, too!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beginning to wonder

I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I had kids just so I could take pictures of them :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


There is a huge past-time in our house right now. I guess I should've expected it with two boys. But I just love it! My little guys are obsessed with playing cars with one another. Parker pushes his around rumbling "bbbbbbbbb".... because thats what cars say. Didn't you know?

And then Colby is just obsessed with these little guys. Mario and Luigi cars he got for his birthday. Those suckers drive all day long!

It really is so much fun that they can play together. I love having two little boys!

Today is a sick day...

I'm guessing Colby brought home something from church on Sunday. He was up insanely early Monday morning, spewing. So after having him stay home from preschool, I notice that Parker's acting a bit weird. Apparently he caught it as well. He can't stomach formula, and even most solid foods aren't sitting well either. He's so super needy and clingy. If I put him down, he turns into a puddle of grumpiness. So I've been holding him all day as he's asleep on my chest. After a lunch that he actually ate (!!!) I turned on Sesame street for my boys. I come back and this is what I run into:

This right here is the little boy who, for 9 months, we had to rock and shush and pat and jump and swaddle and bounce to sleep (all at the same time!). The one who, when I tried the 'cry it out' method at 6 months, screamed bloody murder for 2 hours before I lost it and picked him up. He must be really sick if he's resorting to sleeping.