Friday, October 30, 2015

Top Eagle!

Colby was top eagle this week in his class! He was so excited, it was his first time. I think his first grade teacher forgot about him. They don't do it in kindergarten. So second grade was his first time, and he was thrilled. OF COURSE this picture of him eating with the principal is the day Mom's doing laundry (thus the holes in the jeans) and crazy hair day. Oh well, I can't be Super Mom every day (or any day!) Here's the shot that was in the school newsletter!

Here's what his teacher had to say about him :

He follows school rules at all times. Colby is kind to his friends and helpful in the classroom. Colby also completes all his work on time and is a great hall monitor. Great job, Colby!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

First Day of Scouts

Colby is now old enough to go to scouts! Grandma Mitchell got his uniform and supplies for him, and he had a blast. Jabbering nonstop on the way home about all the cool things he learned. I love that it is less than 7 houses away and that there are 6 awesome boys in the troop with him, including the new kid across the street. So they can walk to and from scouts together! Here's a couple pics of my cutie boy!