Friday, September 6, 2013

Random pics

Look! A blog post! Random pics! I actually just cleaned off a memory card and thought, I should do something with these!

Parker and his beloved blankie and his 'pretty sure' (pediasure). He may be looking sad, but he's not. Any time he drinks anything he swishes it between his teeth. Its half gross and half just plain weird.

Parker did the whole potty training thing this summer. Potty training is easier with mom's kindle.

He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates. (show). He would wear Jake jammies every night if we let him.

This smile and giggle get me through the days. Sometimes he is the happiest child. :)

Colby started kindergarten! That should probably warrant his own post. Sorry Colbs. If I didn't do one for preschool graduation then you are pretty much out of luck for the 1st day too.

This is his "Mom I'm humoring you, but can we be done and just GO already?" face.

His adorable backpack. Santa brought it for Christmas. He chose to save it for the first day of kindergarten :)

Waiting in line for his teacher to call them inside. I post this mostly so that when Colby goes through school with these people, he can laugh at that boy and say he has a pic of him picking his nose. :)

So happy. So brave. He didn't need me. *sniff*

Admiring the grandeur of his new school.

The happiest I saw him all day is when Grandma Smith came out to wish him luck. He was positively beaming!

And there they go! For the record, I didn't cry. I really really wanted to, though.

The school cheered on all the new kinders <3

Parker enjoying his first Colby-less morning.

Awesome pic of Parker. Obviously he didn't care much if I was following him