Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Handsome boys!

Grandma Smith got Colby a handsome new church outfit. I am such a sucker for little boys dressed up for church! How cute are they?

Pumpkin Carving Party

Cinco De Colby!

I totally wanted to throw Colby a "Cinco de Colby" birthday party, being his 5th birthday and all. He was desperate for a batman party. But I told him this way we could have a pinata, and he was all for that!

His adorable cake made by my best friend Emily (Check her out here!). I told her to make it look like a pinata texture, isn't it cute?

We had a burrito bar, yummy Mexican food :)

The 'mixed drinks'... I wanted it to look like cocktails on a beach or something. :)

Cousin Ashlyn. Also, the little treats in front of her? Mini-Mexican pizzas! To die for!

Cousin Megan. Apparently I wasn't so great at giving advance notice of pictures!

The little kid table!

Parker is so good at showing me what a good eater he is. LOL

After they were done eating, they got to decorate Maracas! And how adorable are those party hats?

 My sister and her boyfriend. Super cute. And... pretty dorky. :)

She is gorgeous, isn't she?

Kaylee chose to decorate herself, instead.

Hershey is rather festive too!

Blurry picture, but he only left this hat on for about 2 seconds!

Beating an animal with a bat- cruel or a fun party game? Uncle Chicken-butt helping Parker out.

Look at that swing!

The birthday boy!

Something about this picture seems so wrong. Diving under a battered animal to gather up its guts?

Poor decapitated donkey.

Five candles, already?

Present time! Every present he opened he said "I wanted this!!!" It helps that he's in that stage where he wants absolutely everything he sees.

Crazy cousins. LOL

Enjoying cake and ice cream after a fun day!

And for those that wondered, Super Yummy Mini Mexican Pizza recipe can be found here-