Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our 24th of July

I've been playing around with videos more, they're so much fun to have! This is our evening of fireworks with the Jex fam. It was totally last minute and very laid back, but it was still a lot of fun!

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Tonight, while at the Church, someone asked "oh, do you blog?" I had to clarify... "well, I HAVE a blog." Totally not the same thing. I keep getting subtle hints from my mother-in-law (oh, I wish I could see more pictures of my beautiful grandsons!) and not-so-subtle hints from my own mother (Did you know that it has been 17 days since you have posted anything? I may die lonely and miserable and then wouldn't you feel awful for not updating your blog as my dying last wish!)

So uhm, here's my update?

Grant got a new job a couple of weeks ago, he doesn't start for 2 more weeks though! Its in the same company... the same building... the same floor... different department though. He will sit 50 feet away from his current desk and making $2 more an hour doing it! I am very glad for this move, make things a lot less tight around here. We may actually go on dates now! *Snort*

Colby starts kindergarten in T minus 56 days. Not that I'm counting down or anything! He graduated preschool (erm, did I never post pics of that? whoops!) and then graduated his other preschool ( I didn't even take my camera to that lol). He recently got a bunkbed, which he thinks is the most awesome thing in the world. (also no pics of that... I'm on a roll!) He is very responsible with his new bed, he treats it almost with reverence. And here's a pic of graduating preschool, in case I never actually post all the pics of the real thing.

Parker is now 2.5. He is so stinkin cute. I wish I could capture his adorableness and stick it in a bottle. Dani, the little girl I babysit is potty training, so just for kicks one day I put Parker in underwear. Imagine my surprise when he did GREAT. I did not want to start this yet, but he's doing so good that I guess he's ready. One of my favorite quotes lately, while sitting on the potty, he asked me "Jesus go pee in the potty?" "Uhm, yep, I'm pretty sure..." "Jesus go pee in potty! Jesus get stickers?!" He has definitely earned his fair share of stickers for going potty. :)

Me? Busy busy as usual. Lots of photo shoots, not very much time left for myself. I love it, I do, its just very draining! I recently got released from my calling, which was RS Activities Coordinator, aka Cruise Director (ahem). At first I was very bummed, I really enjoyed it! But I just got called into Young Women's, as the Laurel Advisor. I am so excited! I miss YW, you can't beat the discussions and spiritual moments for sure. I am thrilled for the next couple of years as I settle into this calling!

Tons of things to blog: camping trips, 4th of July festivities, etc I may or may not get to it :)


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

This is one of those traditions that I just love. Photography plus my cute kids? Awesome! So without further ado, our yearly firework pics!