Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Colby's costume was so adorable this year! Everyone just loved it! Here's our little dracula!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cell Phone Halloween Pics

So isn't that ironic? I buy a super nice camera, and then start using my lame-o cell phone as my camera. Ah, well, blurry, fuzzy pictures are better than no pictures, right? RIGHT?!?!?
Anyways, Halloween is such a big celebration at our house. It comes from Grandma M, who has ALWAYS loved the holiday. In fact, she's bought at least 45 Halloween-related items for Colby in the past year. Its just how she works.
So on my way out the door, I captured some of the Halloween-y goodness of our home.
This first one is a craft Colby made at pre-school. They dipped their feet in paint and put googley eyes on them to look like ghosts. I used to look down on parents who kept their kids artwork. Now my heart melts and I want to keep it forever. He was so proud of it, he didn't even want to let it go. I want to keep it under my pillow and kiss it every night, it means that much to me already!
This is the pumpkin we carved last night. Our little Jack Skellington. Ok, 'we' didn't carve it. It was 10:30 at night and Colbs was already in bed. I just want some love and validation, because I had to carve it with a steak knife! It was hard!

And Colby this morning. This is the funnest of his Halloween outfits so far this year. This is not his costume! Nope, Grandma M bought this just for fun. Today Colbs is going to a Halloween carnival and I wanted him to be all decked out!

More Halloween pics tomorrow! Maybe even with a better camera. Haha, we'll see.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What will you be, ten years from now?

I often sit and think about Colby's main personality traits, and I wonder and sometimes hope (and sometimes dread!) that they're going to stick around.

Colby is so extremely cautious. He loves to stand, and cruise around furniture, but he will not let go of them to walk. He'll reach, stretching until he touches the next item, and will then walk to it. Its so funny to see him nearly topple over trying to stretch so far, but he will not let go of his safe spot. Often I encourage him to get his confidence up, and he's slowly getting it. It makes me wonder if he'll always be so cautious. He was late to roll and crawl, because he was scared. Will he be shy at school? Will he always be afraid to try new things?

And then there's the fact that he loves computers, video games, telephones. Man, am I destined to raise a tech geek?

Colby is also set on copying his daddy. Everything daddy has, he wants. Everything daddy does, he does. Sometimes I get bothered that he's so much like his daddy. But secretly, I'm glad. Daddy is such a strong, patient, loving man and I want Colby to be 100% like him.

And my biggest worry... he's such a lover boy. He will cuddle on you all day if you let him. He'll just throw himself at you for a hug, and presses his cheeks up to your lips for a kiss. He pats your back and squeezes you tight. ...uhm, it better not be like this at school! My son, the class flirt. Could you imagine? I would be pulling out my hair!

But then again his daddy was like that too, LOL.

Friday, October 24, 2008

1 cake. 1 Colby. Equals mess.

Birthday pictures from his first birthday first party (he has another this weekend...) He loved it! He loved playing with the Balloons and being passed from one adoring relative to another. And boy did he like the cake. :)

(cakes courtesy of our dear friend, Emily. How adorable are those? P.S. She'd love to make one for you too!)

Our little family, so cute!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Zoo trip... oooh is that a kitty?

For his birthday, we took the Colbster to the zoo for the first time in his short existence. At first, he wasn't all that impressed. He kept gazing more at the leafs rather than the actual animals. But in an hour or two, he was loving it!
He learned a super cute trick. When you raise your finger and say "Colby how old are you?" He'll lift up his tiny finger to show one! It made my heart melt. :)
He thought he was the coolest pushing his own stroller.

Look, its identical boys, just with a 20 something age difference. They both have the same eyebrow raise and everything.
Here he starts getting into the animals.

A random gorilla that was showing off its potato sack shawl. So pretty.

And why did he get so excited to see all the animals? Because they were 'kitties". He would point at each one saying over and over, saying "kitty."

Ok, yeah, technically this is a kitty, so I'll give it to him.
At least there's 'cat' in the word meercat.

.... uhm, not quite.
Yeah, not even close.

His favorite 'kitty'? This porcupine. He stood there jabbering at it.

He had a very awesome birthday!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It wouldn't be a baby blog...

It wouldn't be a baby blog if I didn't post a picture of a weird sleeping position. These pictures are an absolute must. If I didn't, it would be against nature. So here's my contribution to the 'oh my gosh, is that even comfortable?' sleeping position pictures. You're welcome, world.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


We got Colby all kinds of crazy loud toys for his birthday, and gave them to him early. He loved them!... for about 5 minutes. He kept using his stand-up toy as a tunnel, crawling through it. So we fished a huge box out of the garage, and voila! Instant entertainment for hours. He'll go through, giggle, then turn right back around and go through again. And again and again. Think Toysrus will take back some loud toys?

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Lately, when I pick Colby up, he's been confusing me. He'll keep touching my back. What in the world is he doing? Well, I finally figured it out. Yesterday, I went to give him a hug, and he did it again. I get it! He's patting my back! We constantly rub or pat backs when we give hugs, and he figured it out. The little cutie.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Colby coos

The back story:
Colby loves playing with my phone, and I let him. I put it on the music player and let him dance to some tunes. This week he has learned that if he presses buttons, he'll switch between songs, much to his delight. But once, he instead went to the voice record feature, and was disappointed.

And I just placed it with a random picture I have on file. :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Look at him go!

Colbs is very cautious. He loves walking and cruising. However, he will not move if you let him go. He'll slowly plop on his bottom and look up at you with angry eyes. How DARE you let go? So often we'll give him his lawnmower (ok I think he pretends its a vaccuum) and let him go. Ya know, until he runs into a couch.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I need these today

After a long night of homework, the colbster work up an hour and a half early, and refused to go back to sleep. I am so frickin tired right now, I just need a reminder as to why I love him so much. (and a nap, I definitely need a nap)