Monday, January 5, 2015

Cell phone pictures

My news years resolution has been to take more cell phone pictures, because who doesn't love blurry low resolution images? I love that cell phone pictures are truly a piece of your daily life. Bad lighting, blurry preschoolers and all.

This little guy, eating the remnants of his apple. End to end, seeds and all. 

Me and one of my BFF's at her rehearsal. Honored to be asked to be a matron of honor <3

I've lost a bunch of weight, it makes it a lot more fun to try on clothes at stores. Everything ends up in the 'yes' pile!

Saturday mornings with two boys are always a riot. There is a lot of wrestling, tickling and teasing going on. Parker climbed up on my bed, got into this position and announced "I'm a snowball! Do you want to throw me?"

For Michelle's "Old Hollywood Style" Bachelorette Party, I dressed up as Holly Golightly. A lot of fun, aren't I so cute? ;)

This cute guy! He has gotten his mom's competitive spirit in his blood. That works really well for me when we play the quiet game. The last time we played, it was a tie because neither one of us talked for 40 minutes. It was torture for us both!

Best seat of the house is always on Daddy's lap!

My boys are awful about this... the moment they walk into the house, they drop their coats. I'd get mad at them about this, but as you can see, those are my shoes right there :P

New Years Eve party! Love these cute girls!

I hate snow. My boys love playing in it. I relented. 

My cats like squishing me. Here's Harley's version of squishing...

And Faust's. He also loves kisses LOL