Sunday, June 26, 2011


Just a picture real quick from our weekend. Colby had a very relaxing time, if you can't tell. :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We did a lot of visiting this past weekend for Mommy's Bday and Father's Day. Mom was trying out her new present a TON! (new flash for my camera) and so I took lots of pics as I pawned my child off onto whoever would hold him. You can tell how put out they are by their faces :)

Malorie- one of his favorite ladies ever. He's such a ladies man, but he has his favorites he keeps coming to.
Uncle Mike. He gets him giggling so hard!

Here he is drooling all over his Uncle Jason's necklace. Yummo.

Here he is with his middle-name namesake (Jake), his Grandma Mitchell. Her dad (Parker's great grandfather) always called her Jake. I think its so awesome that those two will always have that connection! She's been such a huge help to me during the entire pregnancy, and just adores my little guy. :)

Thats not even close to the amount of people who held him, but like I said, those were my guinea pigs when it came to testing out my toy!

Manly Men. On Manly Lawn Mowers

Colbs just adores his Uncle Jake. We often use him as a bribe. "If you put your shoes on, we'll go see Uncle Jake!" When we happened to be over there this past weekend, cool Uncle Jake gave Colbs a ride. My heart stopped for the entire 10 seconds it took to take this picture. I've seen too many medical shows to have my 3 yr old on a lawn mower!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Son Watches Too Much TV

Well, it seems like that, anyways. I only let him watch one 30 min show a day, but he's always begging for more. He's obsessed with characters. He's obsessed with BEING characters. His favorite to pretend to be is Superman, although I don't think he's ever watched it before. But a common saying in our house is "Colby, stop flying!" as he's jumping from the couch to the floor. Lately he's been meshing characters, so he can be more than one at a time.

The first was frog (from word world) and Dora (because Grandma M bought him a backpack)


One that had me giggling, he was being his typical Superman while pretending to ride his broom being a Witch


"Hey, mom, I'm Superman Witch!!!"

say it to yourself....

Super Man Witch







(this is what I picture...)


Well, yesterday we were talking about our full names, in case he ever gets lost. So I asked what his full name was.

He told me it was

"Colby Grant Smith Superman Mother (from Tangled) Flashlight Dinosaur!"

... uh... what?

Apparently my son is part himself, part superhero, part feminine villian, part inaminate object, and part extinct reptile.

Huh. I wonder which he gets from his father.

(I got in trouble for that last statement. LOL)

I really hope that he never gets lost now, because what kind of poster would that be???


Oh the imagination of a 3 year old!

Monday, June 13, 2011

6 mo old!

Ok so I'm a slacker mom, but Parker turned 6 months old on June 8. He's getting so big! He also thinks he's ready to take on the world. He's desperate to eat and drink anything we are, and then chokes whenever we give him anything. He adores his sippy cup. He has such a small little voice, but he has recently discovered he can yell. And yell he does! The kitties bring out that part of him, I think. He hasn't rolled onto his belly yet, but I caught him today trying to figure it out. I am both excited and terrified for him to really start moving around. He's not quite sitting up on his own (the above picture was a very rare moment!) He is just the most joyful baby I've ever met. He smiles and flirts with just about everybody. So many people inform me that they're going to kidnap him. Of course I tell them to go ahead, but be warned that he doesn't sleep! I really miss sleep. I think I'd prefer pregnant sleep over Parker sleep. He's up about 4 times a night still. Its a sort of warfare on his parent's sleep, I think.

But really, we're so happy to have our Parker-bean. Thinking of everything that has gone on, the long dragging pregnancy, the surgery, the recovery... it seems like a dream now. He's a healthy little boy. Nobody can tell that anything's wrong with him. His specialness has less to do with the fact that his heart is broken, and more to do with the fact that he's such a wonderful and happy baby. We're grateful for the many miracles we've witnessed, and grateful to have this precious child with us.

Already halfway through his first year, and still going strong. I love my little Parker-bean!