Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Random Halloween Pics

It has been over a week since grandmas have pestered me about updating this blog, which might be a record! So here's some random pics from Halloween :)

Colby's teacher Mr Dodge! I figure he'll want to see that someday <3

Colby seemed absolutely shocked that we were at his school watching the parade. These crack me up because I can almost hear him saying "MOM, what are you doing here?!?! And Parker?!"

 Still a cute kid!

In the backyard with the fall leaves. Colby insisted that he be Dr Gru. And he had to have the nose! Nobody sells Gru noses so we had to get crafty with a witch nose.

After I picked Colby up from school, I asked how people liked his costume. He flatly said "people laughed at me." As I started getting choked up and trying to make him feel better he said "No mom! I like that they laughed! I'm so funny!" Yes, dude, you are.

They are quite the pair!

Parker is a cute little minion, he makes me smile so much!