Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bittersweet Anniversaries

Today marks 3 years from the time they wheeled my newborn down to surgery. They saved my son's life and gave him a chance at being a happy normal little guy. I am SO thrilled that they did, but I always mourn the 'normal' that was robbed from him. For his 3rd birthday we gave him his first medical ID, which he hated and promptly destroyed. How he hates those pacer checks, he usually has to be placated with his favorite show and a sucker so that he'll stop sobbing and we can get a clear read. Of course, I would willingly do anything to keep my little guy here. So am I grateful for Dec 10? Yes, yes I am. Here's a pic of him fresh out of surgery-

My local heart mom group did a fundraiser at a high school. As a thank you for the money raised, they're doing a video of heart kiddos. They asked for kids to say certain phrases that they'll splice together. I have to share the ones I took of Parker. I swear they are more of a blooper reel than anything else! But it was good for a giggle and it makes me so proud of my little guy!


Monday, December 2, 2013

Recent Happenings...

Here's what's been happening lately in our little world. 

Colby got a Hello Kitty ring from school, and adores it. He needs to pose during our sock "speed-dating" matching attempts.

Thanksgiving was spent at my dad's house. I love getting yearly pictures with the uncles!

Mike slaving over a hot stove while the rest of us just try to sneak in and steal pieces of turkey deliciousness. It works for our family :)

Boys getting excited to watch a movie.

Uncle Nate is the best!

Isn't my dad dreamy?

Look, another uncle picture! Who would've thunk?

A buddy of my bro's, Shane.

And his adorable daughter!

Dano, my bro's girlfriend. Always good to talk to :)

 Colby got up on the roof with Dad to help him put up Christmas lights. My heart stopped beating for maybe that entire 15 minutes. Luckily he made it down alive, via the ladder :)

Today Colby discovered a loose tooth. We are very happy about this, he has been bummed for at least a year and a half that he doesn't have any loose teeth. Upon closer discovery, his permanent tooth is coming up quick!

Parker made a cheerio necklace today. He was thrilled! I was thrilled too, he sat quietly for half an hour stringing them on, and then he actually ate the cereal! Usually each morning he takes 2 bites and then doesn't touch it again. Grant said he would make him a cereal necklace every morning if that meant he would actually eat it!

 Ok, is he so cute, or what??? This little boy turns 3 in 6 days! Awww my baby is being replaced with a big, naughty, joyous, energetic, talkative 3 yr old :(