Thursday, March 24, 2011

I was taking pictures of Parker, and Colby was just begging to be in them with him. He loves holding his little brother. Which is pretty awesome, because Parker loves to be with Colby!


Back in August, I must admit I was an emotional mess. I had known about Parker's condition for 3 weeks. Almost every day I had bad news from doctors. Most healthcare professionals were not giving me much hope. One night after everyone else had gone to bed, I sobbed as I poured my heart out on the internet. I told my story to absolute strangers, in a request for prayers. Parker needed all the prayers he could get. I needed all the prayers I could get. We were pretty sure that Parker was going to be VERY early, and I was so scared. So I told strangers.

One stranger sent me a private message. She makes blankets, adorable flannel ones that she embroiders the edges with names, birthdays, whatever you like. She wanted to send me one for free. For my dear sweet Parker. I was aghast. Do strangers do that? Yes, yes they do. Especially strangers as sweet as Janelle.

I remember getting it in the mail. I pulled the package open and just stared at it. It was so small, but I knew it'd be so big on him. I imagined my itty baby boy using that blanket, I imagined holding him in it and kissing his forehead. And I cried. I started to look forward to meeting him. I couldn't wait to meet my little guy.

I started sleeping with it at night. I wanted it to smell like me, so that if he ended up in a NICU incubator, he'd remember me. More than once I held it tight crying. When I spent 5 days in the hospital? It was in my hospital bag. When Kim Orlandini Photography did my maternity pics in my hospital room? It was there. It was just waiting for him.
The day he was born, they hurried him to the other hospital. That night when I was feeling a bit better, I folded the blanket in my lap and my husband wheeled me down to meet my son. I wrapped it around his little body, the day I had been waiting for.

He used it while meeting grandparents.

He was so tiny.

After heart surgery? Yep, it was there.

As he started getting stronger and more alert? Right by his side.
As we oohed and aahed over every inch of our son, it was there.

And when Colby got to finally meet Parker. Yep, there too.

And then one day at the hosital, we arrived and it was gone. We searched his entire room, the nurse's station, everywhere. Apparently Parker had dirtied it, and without thinking they had put it in the laundry. They had whisked away such a small blanket that had meant so much to me. I was more than a little heartbroken. Grant was MAD. It was crazy. He would inquire about Parker's status, and then immediately inquire if they had found it. They had sent it to Central laundry, that services all the laundry for 5 different hospitals.

We called and they said they couldn't make any promises, but they would keep their eyes open for it. And then, they found it. The only way they could find it? Because his name was embroidered all around it. I'm sure as they were folding it, maybe one of the ladies couldn't help but admire it. Grant immediately went to pick it up. I was so glad to have it back.

Parker using it again, after a long day up at Primary Children's. So nice to have it back!
Well, today I got a wonderful surprise. When my husband brought in the mail, he found a package. I opened it up and pulled this out.
Its a new blanket for Parker, a bigger one to fit my growing baby. It has his full name embroidered along with his birthday. Such fun colors too! I have not spoken to Janelle since receiving the first one. But she thought of me enough to send me this sweet gift for Parker.

I am speechless.

Thank you Janelle. For your kindness and charity. I wish I could fully express how this means to me.
(If you would like to check out Janelle's other blankets, her website is . She did not ask me to promote her, but I can't help it. They're beautiful blankets and I am so grateful.)

Friday, March 18, 2011

So Beary Cute.

So I know that its corny, but oh well. This is one of the hats I use with my newborn shoots, and I've been meaning to take pics of him in it. I love this boy!

( hehe, you can see a bit of chub on those thighs. )

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baseball Star

We signed Colby up for t-ball, he is so excited to play! When we were at family dinner, Uncle Seth took Colby and Brooks out to practice t-ball. Seth is going to be such a great coach, I can't wait until the season starts!
After a few practice swings, he hits it on his own. (Yes he's a lefty. Imagine trying to find a lefty glove in t-ball size. Not easy and not cheap!)
Look at that grin!
Brooks after a big swing.
Its going to be a great season!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Video Games with Mattix

Colby's friend Mattix came over a week ago and played video games with Colbs. I used to be strongly against video games for my kids, but I like how the wii is active and social. They took turns playing, it was so cute! My little boy is growing up!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3 months!

Parker turns 3 months old today!
Things are going so well for him. Basically, he is your standard three month old now. He's wiggly, jabbering, smiling, a little bit grumpy, and oh so very kissable. Still so teeny, his last weight was 9 lb 8 oz. We celebrated his 3 month birthday by putting him in his first 0-3 outfit. But looking at him, you'd never be able to tell what he's been through. He just has a little battery pack generator, is all. But what superhero doesn't?
He's slowly getting better on his sleeping too, for which mommy and daddy are grateful!
We hope to get him sleeping in his crib soon. Thats pretty much his only goal right now.
We love him so very much. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Isn't it silly how little baby grins can make your day so much better? Although life with this little guy can be tough- nap strikes, waking up every hour at night, and just general unhappy crying all day... he flashes these big grins and I forget about it.