Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Long Day

Here's Parker resting after his long day of doctor's visits. We had follow-ups on his surgery and his eating problem. And... they didn't go that great.

First they wanted to check his incisions. His pacemaker looks great, its not sticking out of his belly quite so much. Thats due to his weight gain, he is FINALLY over his birth weight! 5 lbs 14 oz, still quite small. His main incision over his heart is not doing that great, it actually got worse than last week. There is a hole in his chest the size of a pencil eraser that keeps oozing. It is healing, just not as quickly as they were hoping. So thats still bandaged up.

Then we went to the swallow study. I guess I should explain Parker's diet first. I pump breastmilk for him, but since he's so small he needs extra calories. So we mix 6 oz of breastmilk with two unpacked teaspoons of Similac. Then we mix four oz of that mixture with one packet of Simply Thick to make it 'nectar' consistency. We have dubbed it "sludge" in our house because its so thick. He needs to have the thicker consistency because he was aspirating (or breathing in) his food into the lungs and it could lead to pneumonia. Then as he's eating we have to carefully watch his lips and fingernails for any white/blue coloring, to make sure he's not aspirating.

They do the swallow study in a big room with a little tiny chair for Parker. They mix liquid with barium so it shows up on x-ray, and then they have a continuous x-ray to see if the liquid goes into his lungs as he's eating. Well, he aspirated again. This time he did cough, so thats a good sign. But then he started turning grey and lethargic, and the doctor yelled for me to turn up his oxygen quickly. Luckily he returned to normal quickly but it still scared me.

And now the worse part. We have a therapist coming to our house weekly to work on Parker's eating skills. Well she told me that its fine to use thin liquids at the beginning of the feeding to get him 'used to them'. So we've been doing this for about a week. When I told the doctor, she FREAKED OUT. Apparently thats ok for most patients, but cardiac patients are different. So for the past week we've been encouraging him to drink thin, where he's been aspirating every single time. I feel so guilty. I've been causing harm to my poor child. :(

Just with everything going on, I wonder why Parker was sent to me. I have no idea what I'm doing, and it looks like I'm just making him sicker. This little baby is a lot of work!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I thought I'd post to let everyone know that we're alive. We are SO thrilled to have Parker home with us, but gosh its a lot of work. He has to have special food that requires a three step mixing process, and is quite grumpy. He never sleeps longer than three hours and ALWAYS WANTS TO BE HELD. Even when he's asleep he prefers the warmness and comfort of his parent's bodies. Add an older brother who is insanely jealous of all the attention of Baby Parker so he constantly is naughty? We are exhausted. We survived Christmas and the hustle and bustle, but I really just wish we could get into a nice pace and start to enjoy this time. Also Parker has had 4-5 appointments per week, so that is pretty difficult too.

No picture, because I'm too tired to grab my camera.

But we're home. And happy. And sleep-deprived. :)


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Merry Little Christmas

Here's a sweet picture of my little peanut. Its a special little guy who can fit into his own Christmas stocking, and look adorable while doing it. Wishing a Merry Little Christmas to all of you who have supported us and cared about us!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Secret Clubhouse

Colby insisted that Dad climb into the (cramped) tent with him and his secret club. And since Dad was holding Baby Parker, he got to join too... until Parker made a stink and got kicked out of the club. Apparently thats not allowed. :)

Monday, December 20, 2010


One of my favorite things to do is hold him and watch him as he sleeps. His face bursts into the biggest grins, and I know he's happy to be here with me. :)

Big Day for a Big Brother

This week/month has been so hectic. On Dec 8th Colby became a big brother! And this past thursday, we finally got to bring "Baby Parker" home. Colby has done really well with the change, I think. He's very helpful when we ask him, but not so helpful that he's trying to grab the baby from us. So really, just the perfect amount. He is getting a bit jealous of all the attention Parker's getting though. But I think he's really loving his little brother.

Coming Home!

They finally let us take him home! (On thursday) He barely fit into his carseat, one ounce to spare. Even though he was full-term, he's wearing preemie diapers, preemie clothes, an oxygen mask, and a feeding tube. He wasn't too thrilled to be in his carseat, but loves being at home with us. He is such a cuddler, he NEVER wants to be put down. Which is an easy request, we love to cuddle him!

What a stinkin' cute little guy.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Really Quick

Just want to announce that Parker will be coming home tomorrow! Thank you for all your prayers, it looks like they're working!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Little Peanut

Today one of Parker's techs called him Little Peanut and it is so true. Our once 5lb 11 oz baby has now turned into a 4lb 9 oz Peanut. His cheeks have lost their chub and he feels so light as he snuggles into your chest.
Part of the reason is because he just won't eat. This is where the majority of his struggles are lately. Since he didn't eat a bottle for two days after birth, he really doesn't know how to do it. He has a test tomorrow where they feed him dye and then do x-rays to see if the dye goes down to his stomach or if it is getting into his lungs. We also have a meeting with a speech therapist tomorrow to learn how to teach Parker to use his mouth, to suck and to swallow. They are also enriching my breastmilk with high calorie formula to try to increase his weight.
I love spending time with him though. I can get him to eat twice as much as any nurse. He loves his mommy, thats for sure! What a cute little peanut.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tiny Little Tootsies

Loving these little toes!
We went up to see our little guy again today. Oh how sweet and adorable he is. He is finally out of the CICU (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit) He's doing pretty well, they've removed the line that is draining his chest from surgery. That means he's down to three tubes: a feeding tube, an oxygen line (as a precaution), and a heplock in case he needs any meds. His chest is still covered in bandages from his surgery though. And due to his tiny size his skin is too thin, so his little pacemaker is bulging out a lot. So he has padding on his chest for that.
But since he's now out of the CICU, we can be there for as long as we want, and we get to be the parents! We can cuddle our guy all we want, we can feed him and change him. Its great to finally have the opportunity to bond with him!
Its looking like he will have to come home with a feeding tube. He's just not drinking enough on his own. Its scary to think that we'll have to put it in and take it out, but my excitement of bringing him home soon is greater than my fear.
And we have NO idea when to expect him home. We have hopes but we've learned not to trust those. I'd rather him be completely healthy and ready to come home rather than panicking in the middle of the night with a sick baby.
Oh I love that kid. I can't wait to see him again tomorrow!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Parker's Blankie

Just wanted to show off Parker's blankie. Such a sweet wonderful blanket, perfect size for our little guy in his bed. I've had it ready and waiting in my hospital bag for this day.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A few surgery pictures

Well he's out of surgery and doing well. I don't have much energy to post on his latest condition, but thought I'd add a few pics. The first two are before surgery. You can see how grumpy and unhappy he is. The second is post-surgery. He's a lot calmer, although he is still drugged up a bit. Either way his body sure has been through a lot, and I'm proud of my little guy!

Mommy's story

As promised, here is what happened to me. It is very gross, and for that I apologize. (but you have been warned)

Well the c-section went very well. I tried very hard to stay calm and had a much better experience than with Colby. I wasn't even aware they had started until the anesthesiologist asked if they had made it to my uterus yet. There was a lot of tugging on my body that I felt, but it really just felt like I was in a bouncy house. No stress whatsoever. I loved seeing my little guy. He made two small squeaks and then looked down at me from the curtain. He had big, wide open eyes, so blue and full of curiosity.

After they finished my wonderful c-section, they took me back to recovery. Grant was soon allowed to be with Parker so it was just the nurse and I. We sat there chatting easily, talking about how sweet my little guy is and attempting to predict what they would do with him. Things were going well, like I said earlier the life flight team brought him in to see me before he went to the children's hospital. I did well in recovery so they let me go to my room. The anesthesiologist had to be in another surgery and so forgot to put an order in for my pain medication, but I was doing well and the pain really hadn't hit me yet.

Both my husband, mother and son were at the other hospital when I noticed my gown was soaked. It was pretty uncomfortable so I pushed the nurse call button to ask for another gown. They didn't come very quickly, so I hit it again. No such luck. I was just about to hit it again when the CNA came in to bring me some ice chips. I brought it up and she went to go get the main nurse to help change me and clean me up. My mom and hubby walked in, and I was grumpy from lack of pain medication, but also shaking a lot. I was hot, but clammy and couldn't really talk. My family left when the nurses came in to give me some privacy. They pulled back my gown and immediately started pushing buttons and yelling down the hall. I had huge clots and was bleeding profusely. My uterus never contracted down, so my body was sending all my blood straight to my uterus. In other words, I was hemorrhaging, BAD.

To get all the blood out, my doctors literally had to dig through me and grab huge clots out. At this time I still had not received any pain medication, and my spinal was all but worn off. They brought back some anesthesiologists, who were desperately trying to find a good vein to get an IV into for my meds. I have about 15 holes in one arm from all their attempts, but they kept blowing the veins out. I had doctors jumping up and down on my stomach (and fresh incision) trying to get my uterus to contract down, but it still wasn't enough. They rushed me back to labor and delivery for more room and more supplies nearby where they continued to batter my poor body. I finally got some pain meds but I was beginning to pass out and wasn't very good about pushing the button. I could feel everything and it was horrible. My husband was not able to stand all the needles and injections and so was left alone to compose himself while I was with all the drs. All I could do was hold hands with whoever I could reach and scream as they tried everything they could.

They knew that things weren't working very well anymore, so they rushed me back to my Operating Room as a precaution. They were also able to find better medication for the worst of it. It wasn't long term, it lasted about five minutes at a time. But once they gave it to me, it hit me like a ton of bricks and made things a lot more bearable. They were also able to give me blood transfusions at this time, so I was starting to feel a bit better. They had to dilate me to 4 cm to reach in and clean me out (dilating after labor, NOT FUN) It still hurt like no other and between my screaming I would beg them to let me have a break, just two minutes to gather myself.

After two hours of all of this, they finally were able to have everything under control. I had lost 40% of my body's blood and had two transfusions. I was told that this was the 4th case of this happening this week, and I was the only one who didn't have to have a hysterectomy because of it. It was a long hard battle for everyone and I was just soooo exhausted after all of it. Even now I still don't have very much energy at all. I am also still struggling with pain, we have not found a good medication schedule yet.

I've been nauseated, exhausted and desperately want to see my son but am unable to move much. Its been a long hard journey but I am starting to recover.

And thats the gory details.

And to end well, here's one of the only pics I have with my guy, right after delivery before they were taking him to the other hospital.


Parker's surgery is this morning, second in line for the surgeon. It will be about 11 or so, which daddy there to hold his hand as he goes in. Hopefully both Mom and Dad can be there when he returns, to see how he's handling things.

I went down again last night to see him. Its such a long and painful ride, I'm usually already sick and in pain before I get to him, so I can't stay long. He is still super teeny. He likes having his toes rubbed. However, he only has two moods, asleep and VERY grumpy. Our nurse put it this way, heart babies just don't feel good. Its like having a migraine, you really can't smile because you're in pain. So we really can't get him to look up at us with wonder or coo at him, we really need to let him sleep if he can. So they're not exactly the happiest visits for me right now.

And thats how things are right now.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Parker's Current Condition

I have quite the doozy of a story to tell about me, but I understand everyone is a bit more concerned about his condition right now.
Within seconds after Parker's birth they handed him through the window into the NICU at my hospital, where they worked hard to stabilize him and treat him. They let me have a small peek at him over this curtain, where I caught a glimpse of a super skinny baby who was very stunned to be in the world. He didn't cry, just squeaked his disproval.(hi mom!)

He scored 8 and 9 on his apgars, which are great numbers.  After about an hour they allowed Daddy in to follow him and see him. He was super tiny, so much different from our Colby butterball.
5 lbs 11 oz compared to our last, who was a chunky 8 lbs even. He loves to grasp hands, he hates pacifers, and isn't much of a cuddler yet. He's not very happy to be out, and is pretty grumpy. He's more red in color than your average baby, I think. His breath is very labored. After they got him settled with an IV and monitors, they placed him on a gurney to start his transport to the connected Childrens Hospital. They stopped in to see me on the way, where I got to hold him for about two minutes. He didn't cry, he seemed quite content to have his mommy. He immediately grasped on to my finger, and this is when we got the other picture we posted yesterday. See the little incubator with the tiny bundle of blankets? Thats Parker.

They sent him down to CICU, where I'm told they did a lot of testing, chest xrays and EKG's and whatnot. He peed on several nurses and was generally just unhappy. Still even now he seems restless and unhappy. They put him on oxygen as a precaution, despite the fact that he was tolerating room air just fine. He's not eating well, either bottle or breast. They do have an IV in him giving him glucose. Here's a more recent picture of him:

(pic taken by Grandma Smith, haven't felt well enough to take my own pics yet!)
I finally felt up to visiting him around 1 in the morning, and it was nice to hold him again, feel him up close to me. I don't think I can stress enough how small and fragile he feels. It also didn't help that i was floating in and out, trying hard not to fall asleep right there. Soooo sleepy.

They are definitely doing the surgery on him, there is some debate on whether they are doing it today or waiting until tomorrow. We haven't called today yet to get an update on that.

And thats the majority of what we know right now! Phew, exhausted just typing it out!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Parker Jake Smith was born today at 12:34 pm, he weighed in at 5 lbs. 11 oz. and 20 inches long. He is currently in the cardiac ICU, and doing well. More info to follow!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The (tentative) Plan

After repeating this about a billion times today at church, I thought I would post it here. Here's what we are guessing will happen after he's born (which we are thinking he'll wait until Wednesday.)

-I will go in on Tuesday for all my c-section prep, including lab work.
-Wednesday Grant will drive me in and we'll get started right away. We hope we're not bumped due to emergency c-sections. This will hopefully be at 11:30 like scheduled.
-Depending on how Parker does outside the womb, he may or may not be rushed straight to the NICU. The cardiologists seem confident that he'll be ok after he's delivered, and might be able to hang out with us in recovery. He will probably have to be monitored at some point in the NICU though.
-He will most likely have surgery on Thursday or Friday. They'll watch him all of Wednesday to see how he's doing, but he will definitely not be leaving the hospital without a pacemaker.
-I will be leaving either Saturday or Sunday.
-They estimate that Parker will spend a week in hospital, just to check that everything is ok and that he's not having complications. So if it is a week, that means he'll be home the following Wednesday.

And thats the extremely tentative plan. All subject to change, but thats what we're planning on right now.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Smart little guy

Colby loves to draw on his whiteboard. So I pulled it out and asked him to draw Colby. I meant a little stick figure of himself, but apparently he didn't catch that. Needless to say I was pretty shocked! And apparently we need to work on Y's (and B's) a little bit. LOL


To the Current Occupant of my belly,
This is an eviction notice. The residence in which you are living can not take any more abuse. Your constant parties in the middle of the night have disturbed many of your neighbors, not to mention your landlord. In addition, the constant harassment of your neighboring organ, “the bladder” has gone too far.
You are to pack up your placenta, amniotic bag, and any other items you may have and leave the premises. If you have not vacated by Dec 8 at 11:30 a.m. you will be removed by force via c-section. Clearly it would be much easier to turn yourself in and leave on your own. As an added incentive, if you chose to leave early, the landlord (Mommy) promises to buy you lots of pretty and shiny things. You should take advantage of this one-time offer.
Any questions or concerns can be brought up to the owner of the premises, your mother, and must be done in person. I hope you enjoyed your stay these last 9 months and I know the outside world will be a much better fit for you.
Sincerely Yours,


Well, I really have been avoiding posting this because I don't want to become scared about this. I don't want people to worry about a problem that may or may not exist. But today is yet another big appointment, and frankly this is all I can think about.

So, the heart thing, right? Its just pumping slowly. Its a quick fix once he's born and he'll be back to 'normal' and the world will be right. Of course, he'll have a few surgeries in his lifetime to replace his pacemaker/pacemaker's batteries, but for the most part its non-invasive.

Well about two fetal echocardiogram's ago (please tell me I'm not the only one who measures time by appointments!) they discovered something else. His aortic arch may or may not be narrowing. Its a small tube thats hard to see, especially by ultrasound before the child is born. If it is indeed narrowing, its due to the stress his poor heart is going through. In that case, my son will be put on medication and will eventually have surgery to widen it. Because of its size and location (and my crazy wiggler son) they cannot fully determine if it is going to be a problem. Both ultrasounds have indicated it might be, though.

Its kind of ruining my 'living happily every after' outcome though. I want his health problems to be fixed permanently, right after birth, thank you very much. I don't want to have to worry about administering meds, the constant worry that something might be wrong. Late at night trying to decide if I should call the cardiologist or if I'm just imagining things. Due to the pacemaker surgery he's already not coming home with me. Will this slow down his trip home too?

And then you face the 'what ifs'. What if he had been taken out in October before this started hapening? Would we have avoided this complication? Would it have been worse?

The mind games are insane, especially when all I want to do is give birth to my sweet little boy, to hold and cuddle him, to take him home with me, to care for him.

I don't know, I'm just hoping for a great day today, where all the appointments go well and there's a lot less worry on my part.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Never thought I'd say this...

but I'm still here. Pregnant. At the beginning of all this mess I never dreamt that I would be pregnant for this long.Everyone kept saying to expect a preemie, and so I did.

And now, at 36 weeks, I feel.... proud. I'm doing it. Not exactly with a lot of patience, grace or poise, but I'm still here. My little guy is still growing and doing okay.

And in all reality, things are going to be happening. Soon! The doctors can't push this off much longer. This baby is going to want out.

I'm a bit nervous, apprehensive, and excited all rolled into one.

Grow, Parker, grow!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Whats going on with us?

Not a darn thing. Ok thats not entirely true, but I wanted to make it clear that we're still here. He's still baking, I'm still pregnant, we're doing okay.

There's a tentative plan in place, but I've learned not to put much stock into any plans!

If I go into labor, they'll take him out. I am hoping that this is how things happen, rather than waiting until they decide when the right moment is. I am having a few mild contractions, but they are nowhere near actual labor yet.

So things could happen at any time, or they could not.

But for now, we're doing okay!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Mommy hates the snow, but Colby might actually like it! He loved building snowmen, and mom got pelted a LOT while trying to take pictures. Now lets just hope it melts quickly!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting Ready for Parker

Colby's about to be a big brother soon! Parker should be arriving sometime in the next four weeks. We spent the past weekend getting Parker's nursery set up. Colby was... helpful. You can guess how much Dad appreciated his 'help'. However, we can't help but love how excited Colby is for "Baby Parker"! He knows that Baby Parker is in Mommy's belly right now, and that we get to see him a lot on "Baby Parker TV" (ultrasounds). His enthusiasm is so cute, I can't wait until he gets to hold his brother for the first time!

Maternity pictures!

My dear dear friend Kim is a photographer, a fabulous one. While I was cooped up in the hospital, she came to visit me. She brought me pretty clothes, did my hair and make-up, and transformed my hospital room into her own little studio. I love these pictures and felt so special! The nurses were thoroughly impressed too, asking if they were next. Hehe!

(images are property of Kim Orlandini. Posting with permission. )

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just make up your mind already, Doctors!

This is just another post on the ridiculousness of my doctors. My doctors don't communicate at all, but they tell me they do!

Last Tuesday, my new ob-gyn said that I should go full term to 37 weeks. But on that date (Dec 1) they'll take him out.

Last Friday, Parker's cardiologists informed me that they held an "Amy and Parker meeting" and want him to bake until 38 weeks. They told me that they spoke to my ob-gyns, and they were on board.

This past Tuesday, I saw my ob-gyn again. She informed me that the cardiologists had not spoken to her. Plus she found new things to be worried about (my health, this time) and she wants him out no later than 35-36 weeks.

Can we just pick a day and stick to it???

For the record, I'm 34 weeks today.


Friday, November 5, 2010

I think Parker reads this blog...

and I'm glad!

After my informing (ok... complaining) about his breech position, he took note and is now comfortably laying on his side. Out and away from trouble. Its been two days, and any damage he did to my cervix is back to normal.

And second, after also mentioning how he ALWAYS fails his ultrasound tests... well he's making that one up to me too. He was always failing because he refused to breathe, which was docking his points and making him fail. Well, no more. The moment they put the probe on my belly, he starts breathing, big huge movements. He has passed all his tests for the past 2 1/2 weeks, so I don't need to go in for any extra tests!


small complaint though. All my doctors got together and have a "Parker and Amy" meeting. I wish I were invited! They have now decided that 38 is the new magic number, which adds yet another week to my pregnancy. This makes me more nervous, because it never really occured to me that I could go into labor with Parker. I was in labor with Colby before 38 weeks. I just always assumed they'd take Parker out before I had to worry about that! Also towards the end they'll want to see me even more frequently than two days a week. It just keeps piling on, eh?


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Parker is a little stinker in many ways. One of the ways... the little boy loves to hang out breech. For those that don't know what breech is, I found the most non-graphic picture on google images I could. They're supposed to be head down, and sometimes Parker is. But he much prefers sideways or this, breech. And the kid loves to kick. And kick and kick and kick. I am getting VERY sore. Turns out he's causing me to dialate a bit. So in case this pregnancy wasn't difficult enough, they're starting to watch out for signs of pre-term labor.
Touche, Parker.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or treat!

Colby wanted to go dressed as his favorite person this year, so here is our little Buzz Lightyear. He was grumpy at first, but then really got into it and scored a lot of loot! We love Halloween at our house!

Getting Ready for Halloween!

We've only done a little bit to get ready for Halloween, but its been fun.

Colby was so super proud of his pumpkin he made at pre-school. We had to hang it on our wall!

And he loved his new pumpkin trick-or-treat basket. Simple joys, but I loved his happy smile. :)

We got these funky looking pumpkins from Uncle Chicken-Butt, and spent the morning carving them. They were grotesque looking! This was Colby's first attempt at actual carving, last year we cheated with push-in Mr Potato Head pieces.

And due to Colby disliking the feeling of anything yucky, he washed his hands approximately 20 times during this process!

Our very basic pumpkin. Daddy came home and carved a better one, but oh well. We like ours!

Friday, October 29, 2010


There's still no change. The doctors are attempting to go 'full-term' which I hope means the day that I hit 37 weeks they'll pull him out. What a long and exhausting pregnancy.

I am so glad that he's still doing 'ok'... ok for Parker anyways. If it were any other kid, they'd be panicking. I'm glad he's showing them what he's capable of. :)


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Still Pregnant...

At one point my cardiologist said that they would deliver him at 32 weeks, that he would definitely be coming in October. Well, 32 weeks was yesterday, and I'm still pregnant. I'm also thinking the October birthday isn't going to happen either.

So, now, November anyone?


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New doc

Part of the trade-off for leaving the hospital was that besides daily ultrasounds, I had to transfer all my care up to the hospitals up there. All parties agreed that it would just be easier for all my records to be in the same place. Although this is NOT good-bye to my current doctor, she still fully plans on delivering me and keeps updated on my care. Either way, I was still a bit hesitant to meet my new doctor and see if she was on the same page as me.

I was pleasantly surprised in some aspects.

She is totally fine with my old dr delivering me. She is ok with just being a short fill-in in my prenatal care. They just need me to have a place to pee in a cup and get weighed, and she's ok with that. And something even nicer- she agrees w/me that daily ultrasounds are pointless. AND she's going to get it changed so that I only go up there three times a week! Of course, those three days are going to be chock-full of appointments, but I'm ok with that.

One thing that I wasn't as thrilled with- she mentioned that she'd like to see this pregnancy go to term. Ugh. The thought of dragging this out that long makes me exhausted. But we'll see how that plays out, I guess.

And... Parker failed his ultrasound. Again. Not that they care, because like I said, these ultrasounds are pointless. They look for a few things, but the most important thing is that he's moving, which he ALWAYS is. (And can be determined without an ultrasound, if you can believe it!)

I would post my ultrasound pictures, but it is of his profile and his foot. Again. Maybe I'll make a flip-chart of his foot ultrasounds, and you can watch it grow. Otherwise they're just collecting dust on my desk!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Three years old!

Today is Colby's 3rd Birthday! We are so lucky to have him in our lives we love and adore him so much! He's (relatively) well-behaved and such a smart little guy. Here's a "3" update on him!
3 favorite foods- lucky charms, Macaroni & Cheese, and hot dogs
3 favorite shows- Super Why, Blue's Clues, Barney
3 biggest accomplishments- knows entire alphabet including sounds, almost potty trained, started pre-school!
3 things to accomplish in the next year- finish potty training, become a big brother, have more fun!
3 favorite ways to be naughty- hitting (ugh), irritating the cats, making messes
3 favorite past times- watching TV, wrestling with dad/uncles/papas, reading books
3 favorite colors- green, red, yellow ( I just asked. lol)
Happy Birthday Colby!

Not much to report...

No news is good news, right? I've just inched past the 31 week mark and things are going ok. The 30 minute drive up to the hospital is not fun, and I get to do it (at least) daily. But I'd rather make the drive than live there, thats for sure! And I got to spend my newly 3 yr old son's birthday with him, so that makes me happy!

Parker is doing as well as can be expected. He's moving a lot. He has failed a few of the tests, but its more likely due to laziness than anything else. I had another fetal echo, which are pretty much considered the 'big appointments'. The cardiologist makes guesses on how he thinks the baby's doing, and then adjusts the plan accordingly. Parker is doing much the same, and the doctor alluded to maybe keeping him longer than the 32 week mark.

I have very mixed feelings about this. I really do care about my son's health. But with daily ultrasounds half an hour away, this pregnancy is dragging on forever. I'm spending approximately 60 dollars a week just on gas. And I am so anxious to meet my son. And to stop worrying about him on a daily basis, on whether he's moved enough or if I should call the doctor for each twinge.

I just wish I knew the plan!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

more 3D

So with all my ultrasounds, I have a drawer chock-full of cute pics of my unborn child. Especially at first, I would end up with handfuls of black and white blurry images, and I would ooh and ahh and then put them in my desk drawer. As time went on though, ultrasound techs have to start getting creative. I mean, how many profiles do I need, right? And I think its safe to say he's a boy, I have at least ten images of the 'money shot'. A few times the techs have decided to do 3D ultrasounds, which I love. I get lucky about once a month, and today was that day! I love how chubby his cheeks are getting, and I love seeing his button nose. I think its interesting to see the difference in ages though. At 22 weeks, he resembled Gollum from Lord of the Rings, or at the very least an old wrinkly man. I think I would've cried if he came out looking like that! But he's getting cuter as he's baking! Here's 22 wks, 26 wks, and today at 30 wks!

And for the results of the ultrasound, everything is still looking the same, no change. Thats all we can hope for at this point!