Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mr Blue Eyes

Twinkle Twinkle Little Boy
How You Fill My Heart With Joy

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Basketball Junkie

In defiance to this cold spell and SNOW we had this morning, I am posting this picture instead. This was taken last week, back when it was warm. He found this basketball hoop at his babysitter's house, and could not leave it alone. He'd throw the ball in, chase it, walk back, and then throw the ball in. Repeat for 3 hours. He threw a fit when I told him it was time to leave.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Enjoying the Sun

A few weeks ago we were at Colby's Grandparents house and it was beautiful weather. We soaked it all in and spent much of the time playing outside during kid dinner!

Love his little expression here.

Apparently he's getting too cool for the camera.

Colbs and his cousin Brooks, born just two weeks apart. Its crazy how different they are!

Uncle Jason helping Colbs ride a bike. He LOVED this!

We love warm weather! Hope it sticks!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


This is Colby's blog, right? So I am practically forced to spew how wonderful/sweet/kind/adorable he is. And thats ok, because I have PLENTY of material. And then, enter the toddler stage. He's almost a year and a half, and boy does this kid have an opinion. So here we go.

Whats not-so-cute about him right now?

*He wants to share all of his toys, but will scream if you put any of them down. He'll wander around and soon you'll have a shoe, big plastic ball, toy hammer, and a mop in your lap. Don't you dare remove them!

* He will find your clean socks, and will separate them. And scatter them around the house. It took me five minutes this morning to find a match.

*If he sees you on the computer, in the computer room, or anywhere near the door to the computer room HE MUST PLAY STARFALL.

*Tantrums. Full blown, thrown on the ground, kicking his little feet tantrums. At family functions. Niiiiiiiiice.

*Apparently mommy isn't allowed to go pee without the comfort of his 'blankie'. He won't leave me in peace unless I cuddle with his blanket. Wait, did I just post this on the internet?

*Sacrament meeting is only survived with the use of many fruit snacks.

*Daddy forgot to pack fruit snacks last week and left me to deal with him myself. Oh wait, this is about Colby's uncuteness.

*And lastly I would like to know who taught my son to burp on purpose, and then who taught him it was funny!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


James and Colby are pretty much best friends for life. Colby spent the day over at James' house a couple week ago, and they had a blast inside a fort made of blankets and a card table. James' mom sent these pictures to me, I love them!

The Ruff Chronicles

Colby has finally taken to a stuffed animal! Yes, Ruff is a keeper. Ruff is a bedtime pal, constant playmate, and even prays with us every night.


*hugging goodbye*

Monday, March 9, 2009

Introducing "Ruff"

On Saturday, we had a fun adventure! Colby has always hated stuffed animals. Never loved, kissed, or squeeze them, he'll bop them and push them away. So, in an effort to make him more kind to his stuffed toys, we went and made one at Build A Bear. We figured if he helped build it, he might like it!

Look at that handsome dude.

Picking out an animal was so hard. The realistic dogs scared him. (Never mind that his BFF is a large chocolate lab.) We showed him a bear... this is him hitting it away. (and daddy looking high. I'm just sayin...)

But wait! He kinda liked this dog! No hitting, pushing, or throwing! No hugs, but we can work on that. And a tiny little smile... I think we have a keeper!

The stuffing of Mr Unnamed Dog. Colby was enthralled with the machine.

The combing and bathing. At this point, we needed a name. Colby cannot pronounce dog, it comes out "Ah!" Well, that morning as Colby (so kindly) woke me up, he was exclaiming "Ruff! Ruff!" Sounds good to me!

Taking Ruff home. He was very concerned for Ruff. It was pretty cute.

Now that its been a whole day with Ruff, we can say that our master plan worked! Although he's not sleeping and cuddling Ruff, he loves to kiss, squeeze and play with him.
Score Card:
Parents- 1
Colby- 0

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nothing beats...

Nothing beats saturday morning pajama time.
Love this blue-eyed cutie!