Tuesday, July 24, 2012


And this is why I never have pictures of Colby! Any time I whip my camera out, he pulls this face:

What a boy, right?


So my camera went bonkers last week, we had to take it to the shop to get fixed. That may have been the longest five days of my life! We also sent in my dead flash, after it took a tumble onto concrete in March. (*ahem Grant*)

So I got them back, and remembered how much I love them! I started taking pictures of everything again- including like ten minutes of Parker and Grant eating nachos. Yep, I'm that pathetic. In all truthfulness though, I was just experimenting with bouncing my flash. So without further ado, NACHOS.

Parker's favorite time of day is when Daddy comes home. He demands to be held and squeals happily! You can just see how much he adores his Daddy. :)

Happiest boy in the world in his Daddy's lap :) He's such a little nacho thief.

Wait, Dad, what are you dipping that in?

Did I mention this little boy loves tomatoes? Salsa was a no-brainer.

Sometimes Parker is pretty good about waiting his turn.

Other times, not so much. I believe at this point he started using his chip as a spoon- Dip, suck off the salsa, dip again.

Look at all that salsa!

Uhm Dad, you were done, right? I'll just finish these off :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17th...

I kinda get bugged about those posts on facebook "xxx years since I met/married/proposed to the love of my life!" Don't get me wrong, I myself am super guilty- I always do them. But today I was sitting around thinking why these days are so important. Its like you want to go back to that time, and whisper to yourself- "here's your big moment. Enjoy every second, because you're about to dive headfirst into something incredible."

On this day, eight years ago, I went on a blind date with this adorably goofy guy, Grant. He was fresh off his mission- fresh meat. :) And myself? Well, that was just the guy I was hunting for.

I wish I could go back to that day and tell myself that it was only going to get better. When we climbed into that awfully dorky Geo Metro, that this was going to be the guy who stole my heart. When he would tease me to make me giggle- that he would be making me laugh for years to come. That when he ordered Chocolate Raspberry M&M ice cream from the Hogi Yogi, that he would always be doing stupid stuff to make me laugh. And that night when he dropped me off, and hugged me, he said the always polite "we should do this again sometime..." and I replied with a (sure-I-bet-you-totally-mean-that) yeah..." and he replied with a quick "How about next Tuesday?" ... my heart nearly fluttered right out of my chest.

At that time, I wish I could whisper into my ear all that we had waiting for us.

A fantastic wedding day

That my husband would always be this goofy.
Incriminating Evidence
That he would hold my hand through a horribly depressing bout of infertility.

And that he was just as overjoyed when this day finally came.
positive preg test, 2/24/07

The home we bought together and made our own.
so many roses!

His face when he found out he was having a son.

 And this sweet moment, when all our dreams came true. How he not only took care of his son, but embraced fatherhood.

And the joy and surprise when this happened again!

And this horrible day, when we found out something was wrong? That we might lose our second child? He was holding my hand that day too.

But then miracles happened and we got to meet our Parker-bean. And our lives were even better.

As we got to witness miracles every day in the lives of our two little boys.

And things just get better and better.

So that day, July 17, 2004... I had no idea what the significance was. That my life would be changed, completely and for the better.

Would I go back and tell myself these things? Maybe, but at the same time, I like not knowing. I like waking up and realizing that there are incredible things and scary things in my future, but I have someone there to hold my hand and make the world wonderful.

I am the luckiest girl alive.


Monday, July 16, 2012

The Boys

I thought I would do a general update of the kids, since I'm a slacker blogger with (three) adoring fans/readers.

First, Colby. Colby is doing great. He graduated from his second yr of preschool in May, and is enjoying the summer. He has been in two sessions of swim lessons, which has been so much fun for everyone! I love to go and watch him take incredible strides, I can't believe he's swimming so well. He's easily jumping off diving boards, swimming underwater, he's loving it. I think Dad likes watching him because he sees him in the future, being on the swim team, following in his dad's footsteps.

We have recently been teaching him how to read- wow. He is doing so great! We've been doing a combination of readingeggs.com and Bob books. Usually most of his daily activities are done with a good deal of whining "I don't waaaaant to clean my roooom" but he is always up for reading!

He is memorizing the Articles of Faith with his Primary, and so far he has two!

He knows the 50 states song, and I try really hard to avoid bringing it up, because then he'll insist upon belting it out... and it is a very long song. I got him a map so he could see where all the states are, which he thought was pretty cool.

In our family we try to do a friend party once every four years, so I held a big party last yr. Well, this year he is convinced that he's going to get another one, and that it is going to be batman. I think he'll be sorely disappointed!

Colby got in the Upstart preschool program, which is on the computer 15 minutes a day. I'm excited to see how he'll progress!

Recently two of his cousins moved close. They used to live in California, and he is so obsessed with seeing them. He is always talking about where Sky and Kam's house is. :)

Parker is your typical 19 month old child :) He's adventurous, loud, and a very picky eater :)

Last week, on the way to the car after Colby's dentist appointment, Parker face-planted into the sidewalk. Luckily our pediatrician is in the same building, so I scooped him up and ran back inside. His entire face was covered in blood from a cut above his eye, and I knew from experience that I needed to go there to see if we needed to go to Primary Children's Hospital for stitches. It was kind of humorous (in retrospect) the looks we got. First the workers had a kind, happy "what can I do for you" look until they saw my blood-covered toddler, which quickly changed their looks into horror and action. I can't believe how quickly those nurses can rush us into a room, usually we have to wait 10 minutes or so. A doctor saw us immediately, and determined that he would be ok with liquid stitches. Although it was not what I needed that particular day, all's well that ends well. And I know that he is just going to be my accident-prone kiddo.

Parker is such a talker! He's starting to put words together. Colby was such a late talker, that this is so different for me. He will copy anything I say. I love his little "hello." and his 'up there!' when he wants me to hold him. I thought it was really cute when he learned to say "me!" like "who wants to eat dinner?" "me!" However, it has gotten less cute now that he's learned "Not me!" And he yells it over and over whenever we want him to do something that he doesn't like. Like when we try to take him off our bed, he yells "Not me! Not me!" over and over. He's learning to say prayers.

This little guy loves TV- his favorites are Elmo and Blue's Clues. He knows the entire Elmo's world theme song.

He's working on all four of his canine teeth, the super sharp ones. He is always chewing on toothbrushes (his favorite teething toy) and isn't sleeping through the night right now. Hopefully that will come back again.

When we're out shopping, he'll point out my bodyparts. I always have to block when he tries to point out my eyes, or else I'll get a little baby finger to the eyeball.

Lately, the boys have half loved each other, and half loathed each other. Either Colby's up in Parker's face bugging him, or Parker will be stealing Colby's trains.

I guess I'm just setting myself up for a lifetime of this. Which I am ok with, I live such a wonderful life these days :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More swimming...

How Colby feels about swimming lessons:

How Parker feels about Colby's swimming lessons:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Here it is, the big post that everyone!!! (aka grandma's...) waits for. The firework post! Every year I get a picture of my kids in front of the fireworks, and its so cool to see them progress. So lets get them started, shall we?









Tuesday, July 3, 2012


today Parker grabbed a toy of Colby's, and started tapping my leg with it. I said "ouch, ouch!" and he stopped. Then I said "now say sorry."

He drops the toy, runs over to Colby and apologizes to him.

...Not what I had in mind.

Swimming Lessons!

Colby just started another session of swim lessons. This is his second session of the summer. I just love watching him. He is so brave and is getting pretty good! This time his friends James and Keegan are in it with him!

James and Colby, waiting to get in the pool!

 All three boys meeting their teacher.

So proud of James, totally ok with putting his face in! 

Keegan really overcome a lot of fears, it was cool to watch!

Uh yeah, Colby hates the back float, can you tell? But he's always willing to do it :)

free jumping!

Love this, how cute is he???


Keegan blowing bubbles :)