Saturday, March 30, 2013

The big Three Oh


You turned 30 today! You are awesome. I love you. 

But I am not going to write a huge long letter to you about my love and devotion. Because you know, just as well as I do, how completely exhausting today has been. How both the boys have been crazy and how we didn't enjoy a lot of our evening. So, uhm, happy birthday. Maybe they'll be good tomorrow? 

Love, Amy

(P.S. here are pictures of your very cool birthday present that took me forever. You liked it. I think. Each paper sent you on a hunt for a present, you got 30 in all. Did I mention that I love you?)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Special Project Today

Its been a long, hard week. I love being a stay at home mom, but the stress lately is phenomenal. So many days, I think I am such a horrible mom. I focus on how much I'm not getting done, how naughty my kids are, how clean my house isn't, and the million things on my to-do list. And if thats not enough, I have so many goals with my photography business, things I want to learn, sessions I need to do and edit and sort through... sometimes it feels like there's no end. Earlier today I read a challenge saying "film part of your day, every day for 30 days!" and I decided to take it. I thought I might be crazy, taking on another project. But I grabbed my camera, shooting a bunch to maybe get one decent clip. While viewing them tonight, seeing what was in focus, what was cute, I kind of broke down. I realized how perfect my day really was. How I have the best buddies in the whole wide world, and can those smiles be any cuter? It was so wonderful and yet bittersweet, realizing I was missing so much in my stress. So I said, NO, this is not a 30 day challenge. I will finish this video NOW, so I can enjoy the sweetness of my life. I will miss these days terribly one day, and now I have a little glimpse of what it really was like right now. Stay little, boys. I want to hug you forever.